Melania Slipped And Made Mistake In Public, Now Libs Are Making Sick Accusation About Her

Melania Trump’s love for America, especially has an immigrant of this country, has been evident from the moment she became our first lady. She has shown more patriotism and respect than her predecessor, Michelle Obama, namely to our troops who were disregarded for eight years under the Obama administration.

However, there’s nothing that she can do that impresses the left and isn’t met with harsh criticism. She was reminded of that on the nation’s birthday this year when she made an incredible most to recognize Independence Day and was immediately brutalized for it because of one word.

Barack and Michelle Obama couldn’t be bothered to send a meaningful message to the country they once presided over, which seems to prove how they really feel about the American people. Melania took the time to share her sentiments and gratitude, but the incessantly hateful left didn’t see it that way. Instead, the took issue with one insignificant mistake and used it in an attempt to make her look worse than Michelle Obama who didn’t say anything at all on the holiday.

One of the most incredible things about our current first couple is how personable both the president and first lady are. They don’t place themselves on higher ground than the people in this country they are working. They’re relatable and that’s what makes them great leaders. Unintentionally proving that she’s “real” to other people, Melania, made a minor mistake with a single letter in a single word within her Fourth of July message on Twitter.

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It happens to all of us who tweet on the go and share before scrutinizing every fine detail of what we were posting online. This microscopic oversight that was immediately remedied with a fresh, corrected post, apparently ended up being a “gift” to liberals on our nation’s birthday since it provided them ample ammunition to assault our first lady with

AmoMama reports what Melania did and points out that she actually wasn’t the only one…but seems to be the only one being attacked for it:

On Wednesday, the American people took the time to celebrate their Independence Day with many taking to social media. A number of people found themselves spelling the word Independence wrong.

One such person who spelled Independence as Independance was First Lady Melania Trump. She quickly picked up her wrong tweet and fixed it while others failed to notice their mistake.

The hashtag IndependanceDay quickly spread on Wednesday as the US celebrated their patriotic holiday. Some people kept misspelling the word until the hashtag was autocorrected to the wrong version by Twitter.

Among those that used the wrong hashtag was the US Air Force, the city of Boston, the Canadian Space Agency, and First Lady Melania Trump. Even the All-Star pitcher, Justin Verlander, and the State of New Jersey all fell for the same trap.

Trump originally tweeted ‘Happy #IndependanceDay May God bless this great nation & all the people who protect it!’

However, 8 minutes later the tweet was removed and the one with the correctly spelled Independence Day was uploaded. Despite the quick fix, the spelling mistake didn’t go unnoticed

‘Oh, America, you’ve actually successfully gotten #IndependanceDay trending and nobody in the thread is noticing that “independence” IS SPELLED WRONG,’ a Twitter user wrote. Despite the effort by people to alert others to the spelling mistake, it was still found in serious and thought-provoking posts.

It appears that the safest and easiest way to celebrate the day is by writing ‘Happy 4th of July.’ At least with that statement, it’s not easy to misspell anything.

It’s pretty despicable for a major media outlet like USA Today to put FLOTUS on blast for a simple mistake on the Fourth of July. That’s divisive and was probably intentional. This proves one thing, that if the worst that can be said about Melania is a minor spelling error than she’s in a great place. Let’s look back at Michelle’s Fourth of July post when she was FLOTUS. Had Melania done this, the scrutiny would have been endless, but for Michelle, it was considered cute and folksy.

There was no nod to America, our heroes, gratefulness for a free country, the land she’s supposed to love. A simple “Happy 4th of July, everyone” and then her dogs fighting over something one the floor. Who is “everyone,” Michelle? Does she mean the American people or someone else? A little sincerity goes a long way. Michelle showed none and was rather disrespectful in her message. Melania accidentally added an “a” where there should have been an “e,” but at least she was really sharing her appreciation for America, unlike Michelle’s message.

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