US Marines Annihilate RECORD Number of Taliban Leaders Last Night! BURN IN HELL

Since President Trump took office the fight against global terrorism, specifically the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), has been ramping up. Unlike the last administration that took a more hands-off approach, the current administration is collecting win after win against these terrorists. The most recent headcount that was reported after an American offensive move will have some leaping for joy knowing that many fewer terrorists are out there roaming the world.

In January of this year, the administration with the help of President Trump announced that they are refusing to sit down for talks with Taliban officials.  The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. This announcement came right after the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks they undertook that k****d 100 people in one attack.

Fox News reported more on the staggering statistics:

“U.S. Marines in Afghanistan k****d dozens of Taliban leaders last week using rocket artillery after tracking them to a meeting in volatile Helmand Province, according to the top American general in Afghanistan Wednesday.

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U.S. Forces Afghanistan said more than 50 Taliban commanders, including the deputy Taliban shadow governor of Helmand was k****d. Taliban leaders from six other provinces across Afghanistan were k****d as well in the strike in the Musa Qala district of Helmand, according to the statement

Twenty other Taliban leaders were k****d in air strikes earlier this month by drones and Air Force A-10 Warthog jets based in neighboring Kandahar, which arrived earlier this year along with thousands of additional American troops.

During a Pentagon press conference from his office in Kabul Wednesday, Army Gen. John Nicholson told reporters the strikes would disrupt the insurgent group the U.S. military has been fighting for more than 16 years.
“Helmand has been the financial engine of the insurgency. The Taliban draws 60 percent of their revenue from narcotics (and) criminal activity,” Nicholson said.

But Nicholson played down the impact the strikes would have nationwide.

“I would not call it strategic significance, but it definitively has a significant local significance in terms of the fight in southern Afghanistan,” he said.

Nicholson’s two-year tour is winding down later this year.

President Donald Trump has nominated Army Lt. Gen. Scott Miller, the current head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which oversees the nation’s elite commando units, such as Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment and SEAL Team Six, collectively known as the National Mission Force.

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Recently, U.S. drones k****d dozens of Taliban fighters attempting to take over western Farah Province, which borders Iran.

Last month, the U.S. military launched the second highest number of airstrikes in the past six and a half years in Afghanistan.

As the ISIS war in Iraq and Syria winds down, the U.S. military is ramping up operations in Afghanistan.

There are roughly 15,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, about double the number when Trump took office — far fewer than the 100,000 deployed by former President Barack Obama.

In April, there were more airstrikes in Afghanistan — 562 — than Iraq and Syria combined over the previous two months.  Many of the strikes targeted Taliban drug labs.

But Taliban attacks remain a real threat and persist.  Wednesday, U.S.-backed Afghan security forces thwarted an attempted s*****e bombing at the Interior Ministry.

One Afghan policeman was k****d. Five others were hurt, but no civilians were k****d, according to Afghan officials in Kabul.

Nicholson praised the actions of the Afghan security forces for preventing the attack from becoming much worse.

“The Afghan guards immediately recognized these as old uniforms, called on the terrorists to exit the vehicle so they could be checked out, and at that point the fighting started,” Nicholson said, in his first press conference to Pentagon reporters in six months.

Hundreds of Afghan civilians have been k****d in similar s*****e attacks.  Nicholson blamed the Taliban, or the Haqqani network — a Taliban off-shoot for the attack on the Interior Ministry.

An ISIS affiliate has taken credit for a spate of attacks against the country’s Shia minority in the past year k*****g hundreds more.

But unlike the ISIS-affiliated fighters, Nicholson said the Taliban is open to peace talks and the Afghan government has been receptive

Nicholson said the talks have been conducted in secret, “off the stage.”

The statistics speak for themselves. This is a win for the United States and democracies all across the world and for western civilization.

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