Melania Just Made First Appearance in 2 Weeks And Got Brutally Attacked For What She Said To Her Haters

Melania Trump has been recovering from a surgical procedure she received at the Walter Reed Medical Center to help her with a kidney issue. President Donald Trump spent many days visiting his wife. She finally returned home to the White House and her critics and fans alike have wondered where she’s been. Since she just had a surgical procedure, it’s likely that she was simply resting and having some downtime. Perhaps she’s uncomfortable and relaxing. Perhaps she’s busy working on something important.

Regardless, the critics have gone after her from the moment she returned from the medical center and they keep going after her now. People want to know why they haven’t seen Melania Trump in a few weeks. Those same people probably have friends or family who they haven’t seen in weeks either. However, since the first lady hasn’t felt like spending every moment in front of the mainstream media, the media now assume there’s something going on and they begin speculating all sorts of weird conspiracies. While some people craft their story about where Melania has been, there are others who have broken down her Tweets and now believe Donald was Tweeting for her.

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Either people have absolutely nothing better to do or they were just mad about what Melania wrote. Perhaps people were so bothered and bitter over Melania’s Tweet that they wish Donald had said it. Not so fast. src=”” />

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A simple Tweet was sent after Melania caught wind of the mainstream media’s obsession with where she was and this Tweet caused the southern side of the afterlife to freeze over faster than a freeze-pop in Antartica. This Tweet sent the critics into an uproar accusing Melania of letting Donald post on her account.

CLICK HERE To Sign Petition to BAN ‘The View’ For Being HatefulPeople were losing their minds over one single Tweet because she used the word “overtime” just like Donald once used. There’s a lot of words we all use, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same person. Either way, the social media critics would have their fun and criticize her. They soon received a bit of payback though – it seems like Melania didn’t care what they said. She posted a nice update to let people know she’s well and working, but of course, that’s not ever good enough for the people who simply hate her existence in the White House.You know what they say about haters, right?src=”” />

Mirror wrote this: “Melania Trump has finally acknowledged her ‘disappearance’ after weeks out of the public eye with a tweet – but questions are already being asked over who actually wrote it.

The First Lady was last seen 21 days ago when she joined her husband to meet American hostages coming home from North Korea.

Since then she’s been treated at a medical centre for a kidney condition, with the president tweeting his heartfelt congratulations to his wife on her recovery on May 19.

Although he managed to call her Melanie instead of Melania, it was at least an acknowledgement she appeared to be on the mend.

Yesterday, some eleven days later, a message was posted on Mrs Trump’s Twitter profile.

Although in recent days she had also posted messages about Memorial Day and America’s military, this was the first time she appeared to directly address the speculation on her whereabouts.

However, the tone and phrasing of the message seemed out of character with many questioning whether she actually wrote it.

A number of the phrases in the tweet not only sound like the sort of thing her husband would say, they actually appeared in previous tweets of his.

“Working overtime” is a common Trump phrase, as is his endless obsession with how the media reports on him and his family.

It didn’t take long for people on social media to turn the post into a running joke, with many referencing the fact the message was put up on the same day Kim Kardashian turned up at the White House.”

Can’t they all find something better to do? Does every Tweet by the President and his wife need to be analyzed and turned into conspiracy theories? Wasn’t it enough to take the message at face value, be happy she’s doing well, and hope that she’s working on something amazing?

Social media has turned our world into a babbling brigade of blithering critics just spending way too much time overanalyzing things and looking for trash to throw on the Trump family.

Maybe it’s time for the critics who hate them so much to take a look at the man in the mirror and beat it.

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