Video Showing Palestinian Scratching His Nose Goes Viral And Everyone Needs To Know Why

A frightening video from years ago has once again resurfaced and is now going viral because it has people so freaked out after what they saw. The video reportedly showed deceased Palestinians laid out in the street under sheets. People are trying to figure out the origin of the video as it frightened many viewers who saw it as it made rounds on the Internet.

While some people did research and tried to translate the language to their own, there were others who graciously pointed out the part that was most frightening. It wasn’t that they had numerous bodies laid out on the ground and covered with sheets. It was something completely different.

One of the allegedly deceased bodies began moving and scratched their nose, sparking talks of reincarnation and people coming back to life.  This might be strange to some people, but try to watch this video at least once or twice. It has to be seen to be believed, especially when the person begins scratching their nosePeople continued searching for what happened, but couldn’t find anything about it. Then they did.  Someone on Twitter pointed out the truth behind the freaky Palestinian video. It was Ali Abunimah who let people know that the video was actually a hoax. It was made as a funeral demonstration. He said: “This is a vicious hoax. The video is from 2013 and it’s from a mock funeral demonstration at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Nothing to do with Gaza

The video is a bizarre mixture of creepy, freaky, scary, and when you watch it the second time – absolutely hilarious. Once the person starts scratching their nose, then goes back for another scratch, you have to wonder if this is real. As it turns out, it was not – and thank goodness for that!

Now people can stop freaking out over the video that seems like they were raising the deceased or pretending that they hurt people.

Thankfully the video was denounced as a hoax and that’s good because if this really happened, then it would become a phenomenon as people try to figure out how they brought someone back to life with an itchy nose. Can you imagine all the scientists trying to figure out how reincarnation?

It’s good to share a joke with people as we deal with all the toxic politics and situations going on while people try to undermine President Trump. This video may be considered very strange, but at least we know it was a hoax and the video was not real. This reminds us not to believe everything that we see on the Internet.

Always watch videos more than once and read every article before commenting. It’s important to be informed so that your comments are always correct.

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