Super Lib Starbucks Caught AGAIN Abusing Another African American But He Immediately Makes Them Pay

Another day goes by and another Starbucks is reported for acting racist treatment towards customers. It was just the other day when a Starbucks in Philadelphia was labeled as racist as two black real estate brokers were arrested. The Starbucks employee called the police because the two black men had sat in the store for a while and did not purchase anything. The two black men in Philadelphia who were arrested claimed they were waiting for a friend to arrive.

Taking the heat off the Philadelphia Starbucks is one located in southern California. This Starbucks didn’t have anyone arrested, but they displayed an obvious and classic case of racist behavior and it was all caught on film. According to reports, the Starbucks involved in this racist incident involves a black man not being granted access to the bathroom, but a white man being granted access to the bathroom. it was clear, cut, and dry as day.

A black man asked for the code to use the bathroom, but he was told no. He was not a customer yet, so some people believe that was why he didn’t get the code to use the bathroom. The black man then waited outside of the restroom and he saw a white man walk out. He stopped to talk to the white man while recording, and he found out that the white man didn’t buy anything yet either. Upon learning that, the black man with the camera then confronted the barista and called them out on their racist behavior. The baristas responded rather negatively and asked the man to stop recording them. The racist Starbucks video can be seen below.

USA Today reported more on the racist incident at the southern California Starbucks: “As the coffee chain reels from the videotaped arrest two black men at a Philadelphia, another video emerged showing an African-American man being denied access to a restroom at a Starbucks location in southern California.

The video, posted to Twitter by activist Shaun King, purports to show an African-American man identified as Brandon Ward in a Torrance, Calif., store asking why he was denied access to the store’s restroom when a white customer was granted access.

KABC-TV in Los Angeles, which was able to reach Ward, said the incident occurred in January. Ward, 26, could not be reached for comment, but had posted the video on his Facebook page. There has been from Starbucks. The video had received more than 230,000 views as of early Monday afternoon.

It came as Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson offered apologies after employees in one of the company’s Philadelphia stores called the police to report two well-dressed black men were trespassing Thursday by refusing to leave when they hadn’t ordered drinks or food. One had asked to use a restroom and was denied, saying it was only for paying customers. The pair explained they were waiting for their friend, who is seen arriving and protesting the arrest before the pair are led away in handcuffs.

Starbucks confirmed the manager who made the call to police has since left the company.

“Starbucks was built as a company that creates a warm, welcoming environment for all customers. That didn’t happen in this case,” Johnson told Good Morning America on Monday. “I’ve been very focused on understanding what guidelines and what training ever let this happen. What happened was wrong and we will fix it.”

The latest video has renewed social media calls for a boycott of Starbucks, with users flocking to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks.”

People on social media are calling for boycotts. People are protesting some Starbucks locations in person. Everything is falling apart for the ultra-liberal coffee company who sells overpriced and highly sugary drinks that can’t possibly be healthy for anyone.

Starbucks as a business has a lot of questions to answer and a lot of making up to do with the public. They have taken a major public relations hit thanks to their employees acting irresponsibly and racist towards black patrons.

The Starbucks company has been known to find themselves in political controversies, but none seemed to be as hard hitting as this. Everything from saying they’ll hire tons of refugees to go against President Trump to making different holiday cups that caused people to be upset. None of their controversies run as deep as this unwanted and irresponsible case of racist behavior.

People on the right and left of politics have agreed that this is absolutely unacceptable and it doesn’t seem like just an apology is going to work this time.

Starbucks needs to be more than just sorry for what their employees did to those men just because they were black.

Skin color should not dictate how you treat someone who walks into your business. Starbucks might have to offer them a free year of drinks for their irreprehensible actions.

How would you feel if you were treated like this? Would you be upset if Starbucks did this to you? Share your opinions and the story to your friends!

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