Ivanka Just Made Monumental Move That Will Empower Women While Comey Was Busy Raging About Trump

Few political figures are as polarizing as the Trump family. While only Donald J. Trump was elected in November, America has inherited his entire family to work on our behalf.

While many conservatives feel that this is a huge asset, especially considering that he has four grown children and one son-in-law to work with him and make him a better President, the opposite side of the aisle has an opposite opinion on the issue.

President Trump has made the choice to make his daughter and son-in-law, Jared and Ivanka Kushner-Trump his advisers. Like the President, they’re declining to keep the payment that they receive for their services, deciding, instead to give it to a charitable organization.

Even that doesn’t seem to be enough to garner the children of the much hated 45th President of the United States. Liberals still find fault in everything that the President and his family do.

Case in point, the left-leaning publication Truth Examiner considered Ivanka Trump-Kushner’s trip south to work on women’s issues, to still be an affront to women, saying,”Ivanka Trump is in Peru for the Summit of the Americas where she is set to talk about women’s economic empowerment and introduce an initiative to help achieve that goal. But despite her mission to help women in business, there’s one problem in all of the pictures she’s posting: she’s surrounded by men.”

Here’s the post from Ivanka’s official Instagram that Truth Examiner is referring to:

“This morning, I met with women business leaders at the Lima Stock Exchange to discuss how we can further empower women in our hemisphere to take on leadership roles in the workplace and the importance of public-private partnerships to ensure women can thrive in the economy. #WomensEconomicEmpowerment”

While the liberals would typically pat anyone on the back who was standing up for women, and looking to add capital to the available resources for women who hope to become business owners, or grow their current business, because of who Ivanka is, and who she is related to, there seems to be a big problem with her cause.

They also seem to have forgotten this picture and post when complaining about Ivanka not posting pictures with women:

“Meet Rachelle Olortegui, Founder of EcoInca and a graduate of the United States government’s WeAmericas program. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, you have the opportunity to use what you learned to grow your business, employ women in your community and inspire other entrepreneurs to achieve their own dreams. #WomensEconomicEmpowerment”

Despite that, and the mission that Ivanka clearly laid out for her trip, the assumption is that she’s somehow asserting a power that she shouldn’t have, either as the First Daughter with a mission to help women, or as a presidential advisor, or as a female business owner herself.

“Considering Ivanka claims to be a champion of women’s empowerment and economic development, it’d be reasonable to think that the images and anecdotes she’d share from the summit would prominently feature the women she’s claiming to help. Conversely, her company during the trip has consistently been male-dominated.

The glaring lack of representation of women by Ivanka further boosts the narrative that Ivanka isn’t truly concerned with being a women’s advocate: she’s just concerned with being a White House staffer. A staffer, which as Twitter users like to point out, isn’t even qualified to handle diplomatic affairs. Like father like daughter, apparently.”

Again, the author seems to be pointing out an image where Ivanka is pictured with men instead of women. The sad thing that liberals tend to forget, is that in order to foster a new system in a place that as yet hasn’t implemented it, you have to work with those in the old system. Ivanka is working to bring awareness to the fact that women don’t have the same opportunities in places like Peru, that they do here. As such, many of their diplomats and leaders are still men:

“Dinner at the historic Huaca Pucllana with President Vizcarra, IDB President Moreno, US Cabinet Secretaries and CEOs, culminating a great first day at the CEO Summit of the Americas in Lima. #SummitAmericas”

However, when she made her announcement about what they planned to do in order to empower the women of Latin America, she was flanked by smiling women who seemed glad that this First Daughter/White House Adviser/female entrepreneur had a passion to address their issues:

“ICYMI: Announcing 2X Americas, a new US government initiative to economically empower women in Latin America. #SummitOfTheAmericas #WomensEconomicEmpowerment”

“This week, as countries come together across the Americas, we once again affirm the critical role of women in the economy. Today the Administration launched 2X Americas, a new US initiative which will commit $150 million & mobilize a total of $500 million to provide access to capital and economic opportunities for women in Latin America! #SummitOfTheAmericas”

Taking exception to something that a Trump decides to invest their time and energy into isn’t a new phenomenon, and probably isn’t even newsworthy at this point. Saying that Ivanka doesn’t really care about women, that is both unsubstantiated and an incredible stretch for anyone who follows the First Daughter’s public life.

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