Obamas Out For Blood For What Predator Weinstein Did To Malia After They Sent Her Into His Lair

Former President Barack Obama is about to be out for blood after he found out what happened to his precious daughter Malia when she was with Harvey Weinstein. It didn’t take long after the sick and depraved sexual assault stories came out about Weinstein for Barack Obama to be annoyed enough to go after Weinstein. The ogre-like Weinstein might be in hiding since the rapey stories came out, but he might have to cut a big check or come out of his lair to face the former President and figure out how to fix this big problem that has him in yet another conundrum.

It’s being reported that Harvey Weinstein owes Malia Obama money. While Harvey has been accused of numerous crimes related to sexual assault, this is not one of those crimes. He didn’t steal Malia’s dignity, but he allegedly didn’t pay her for the work she did either. Supposedly Malia was sent to work for Weinstein as an intern and she didn’t get paid. Or, if she did get paid, she wasn’t paid enough or the slimeball owes her money. There’s another huge problem that lies with the accusation of not paying a former President’s daughter. Weinstein apparently owes a lot of people money, but they’re filing for bankruptcy and the people he owes might not ever see a penny of their worth.

Vice reported more on the scandalous situation: “The Weinstein Company finally filed for bankruptcy Monday night, and with it came a massive, 394-page list of organizations and A-list celebrities that the disgraced company still owes money to—including President Obama’s daughter, Malia, USA Today reports.

The documents don’t go into details about how much money is owed to each of the creditors or why, but since Malia Obama interned for the Weinstein Company back in early 2017, only months before Harvey Weinstein’s long history of alleged sexual harassment and assault became global news, it’s likely that she’s still owed some intern wages. On top of working for an alleged monster during her internship last summer, Malia was accosted by a stalker after a guy snuck into the Manhattan building where the 18-year-old was working and proposed to her—and now it looks like she wasn’t even properly paid for the job.

The Obamas released a joint statement speaking out against Weinstein—a former donor—in October, after Malia’s internship had ended, saying they were “disgusted” by the allegations and that “any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.”

Along with the former Weinstein intern, Robert De Niro, Seth Rogen, Jennifer Lawrence, David Bowie, and former close Weinstein associate Quentin Tarantino are also reportedly owed money by the Weinstein Company, as well as dozens of major networks and agencies like CNN, WME, and even VICE.”

Harvey Weinstein was on top of the world. He was rich, he had women even if they were doing it reluctantly, and he probably didn’t have a care in the world. Now he’s probably sitting in a diner crying about free refills of Diet Coke as his company and career fall apart faster than a deck of cards smacked over by an inglorious bastard. One might think a guy with that much success and money would be a bit smarter about the women he courts or convinces into sexual relations. Then again, half of the women were guilty too. It should be said that there’s a good amount of women who probably knew Harvey Weinstein could be tricked into giving bad actresses roles in movies. How many women willingly went to Harvey Weinstein, did sexual things with him, and knew that they would get a career out of it? I know who. Every woman who claimed Harvey molested them 20 years later were probably the women who used him. They saw a big rich ugly man who could get them cast in a movie and they used their body to get a role and have a career.

If any of the women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault actually were raped or assaulted, then they should’ve said something when it happened. Instead, they enjoyed a life having a career. Why? Because they were just as guilty as he was.

Now Obama has to go after the big flailing bankrupt sexual assault participant and gather take the guys money to pay his daughter. Malia wanted an internship and experience, not to be ripped off by some overweight guy who trades sexual favors with Hollywood celebrities.

What’s next for the former President? Is he going after Harvey? Will he send his guys over to cash some checks? Will Malia handle it on her own and ruin everything that’s left of Harvey’s existence?

Seems like Harvey Weinstein and his legacy in Hollywood are over. There’s literally nothing he can do now besides serve coffee at Starbucks, but they might require a background check and I’m not sure Harvey would pass.

This is all just my opinion though. What do you think about the situation with Malia and Harvey? Tell us in the comments below and share to social media with your friends.

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