Americans SICK At What Fergie Did During Her National Anthem Performance At NBA All Stars Game

he 2018 NBA All-Star game started off with a bang. Something happened before the players took the court and everyone must watch this at least once with their volume turned on loud enough to wake the neighbors. This was Fergie singing the National Anthem, and it has become the worst rendition of our beloved anthem that you will ever witness. Carl Lewis once held the world title for singing the worst National Anthem when he gave his legendary performance at the 1993 NBA Finals. Then Fergie said “hold my cup” and took the stage in Los Angeles and belted out her best version of the Star Spangled Banner which resembled something you’d hear from an intoxicated person on karaoke night.

Fergies National Anthem was so bad that Colin Kaepernick would have gotten off his knee to tell her to do better. Even though she was standing for the National Anthem, this is the one time we wished she sat down. I’ll let you watch the video, and then we’ll give more details on this hilarious monstrosity that has blown over social media like a massive tornado.

Fergie’s National Anthem sounded like a messed up jazz rendition of the great American song. She completely butchered it. Did you see the faces that people made in the video? They could barely contain themselves. You could tell some players wanted to make a face or laugh really hard out loud, but most of them kept their composure because they’re professionals.

BizPacReview reported more on Fergie’s lousy singing:
“Fergie went for a little switch-up with the national anthem, but ended up dropping the ball.

The former Black Eyed Peas vocalist sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Sunday night’s NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles–and her curious rendition had players and fans bursting out in laughter.

The anthem performance, marked by a number of unique inflections, was immediately dubbed the worst in basketball history–even worse than Olympic track and fielder Carl Lewis’ legendary delivery at the 1993 NBA finals.

Viewers noted that even the all star athletes at the event were unable to hide their surprise, with Golden State Warrior Draymond Green visibly breaking down in laughter.

Other Twitter users mocked Fergie’s performance in a number of ways, from comparing it to Marilyn Monroe’s famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” number to describing it as akin to a “drunk mom acting sexy.”

One user suggested that Fergie’s ex-husband, Josh Duhamel, “made the right choice” in separating from the singer.”

The National Anthem was meant to be performed in a particular and patriotic manner. It’s acceptable when musicians change the style a bit, but only if they do it well. I’m not sure if Fergie performed this in front of her peers to get a review of it. If she did, and they told her it sounded great, then they failed her miserably, or they trolled her hard. It was more acceptable when Fergie urinated on herself during a concert than it was to destroy the National Anthem like this. It sounded like a farm animal being abused and that’s a terrible thing to hear.

If Fergie sang her heart out and performed a wonderful job, then we’d be having a different discussion. Instead, we’re all cracking up and wondering how she could think this would be a good idea. Teenagers are singing in their cars and can do a better job than this. Next time the NBA should have people perform a practice version before allowing them to take the main stage during an All-Star game.

Here are some very funny Twitter responses to Fergie’s National Anthem.

And there we have it, folks. We finally found something more offensive to the National Anthem than Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. In reality, they were both bad. But there’s something horrible about this singing that we can’t get out of our ears. Next time there’s karaoke at a local dive bar, then we’ll be sure to call Fergie.

Hopefully, she doesn’t attempt this ever again.

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