Racist Nurses Who Laughed As WWII Vet Died On Camera Just Got Sudden Dose Of Karma

Nursing homes are supposed to be where our elderly can spend time being taken care of by people who care about humanity. The nurses and aides working in nursing homes should be trusted to take care of loved ones with the best possible love and care that one can give. While it might be “just another job” to some people, other people treat the position as their calling. Those people are giving back to their community and taking care of people who are sometimes too old or ill to take care of themselves. Other people can literally watch someone die and have a good laugh as a man suffers his last breaths on our planet.

Can you imagine being a nurse or aide in a nursing home and having to watch people pass away constantly? It sounds like a horrible situation to be in, which is why it’s essential to have the best possible people working in these facilities. Anyone who cannot provide the care and empathy that people need as they live their last days is undoubtedly a bad match for the job. That seems to have been the case when a WWII Navy veteran passed away as he was begging for help.

His name is James Dempsey, and he was spending time in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. Something happened, and he was unable to breathe. He called for help repeatedly, and the nurses failed to act quickly. They also laughed while they were finally starting an oxygen machine to help the man who once served this great country. Slow employee reaction speeds made the man seem like he was drowning out of the water as he gasped for air. Add the sound of the employees laughing as he begged for air and this is the equivalent of someone being waterboarded while people laughed out loud.

Dempsey’s family was reportedly told that the Navy veteran died of natural causes, but those who informed the family must not have known about the camera hidden in Dempsey’s room. The video shows a different story that does not tell a tale about passing away of natural causes. This video explains a story of several women who cross the fine line between murder and chaos.

Fox News reported:
“Two nurses and an aide were indicted Wednesday in the death of an elderly patient, World War II veteran James Dempsey, who died pleading for help while in their care, WXIA-TV reported.

Dempsey’s family, of Woodstock, Ga., hid a camera in the late veteran’s room in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center which captured the night he died.

The video showed the decorated U.S. Navy veteran repeatedly calling for help, saying he could not breathe. It also showed the nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine.

The channel reported that Brookhaven Police launched an investigation and on Wednesday a grand jury returned an indictment.

Loyce Pickquet Agyeman’s top charge is felony murder; Wanda Nuckles, a nursing supervisor, is charged with depriving an elder of essential services and Mable Turman is charged with neglect to an elder, the report said. Warrants were issued for their arrests.

The nursing home’s attorneys attempted to stop media news outlet WXIA-TV from getting the video, but a DeKalb County judge ruled to unseal the footage.

Nuckles told Dempsey’s family lawyers in the deposition that when she learned the veteran had stopped breathing, she rushed to his room and took over CPR, keeping it up until paramedics arrived, WXIA-TV reported.

However, the secret video showed that nobody was doing CPR when she arrived, and she did not start immediately. After the attorneys showed Nuckles the video, she told them it was an honest mistake, based on her normal reactions.

When the attorneys asked why Nuckles was laughing, she said she did not remember.”

The three women have been charged with numerous crimes and the two nurses have lost their license to practice. It took four years for them to face indictment and the two revoked licenses only happened recently. The facility is still open, despite having such terrible service and low ratings. The situation could see three women placed behind bars for very serious crimes. A man lost his life as he laid on a bed in a building full of people who were supposed to take care of him, but they failed their job, and now they’re being charged with crimes. Anyone who signs up for a job that requires them to take care of other people should be ready, able, and willing to perform the tasks needed to save lives.

Laughing while a man gasps and begs for air, as he lay there passing away, is one of the most horrific ways for someone to spend their last waking moments. That man was a hero who fought for our American freedoms, and the last thing that happened to him was several women laughing and failing at their job.

This is a much younger James Dempsey. He was 89 when he passed away.

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