FBI Just Took Unusual Action After Receiving FL Country Music Festival Threat – What Are They Hiding?

There really are some serious issues at the FBI.

When a mother found possible evidence on the social media site Twitter of a terror attack at the upcoming Strawberry Music Festival in Florida, she did what any American should do. She contacted the FBI to alert federal agents.

But the FBI who has been excoriated for ignoring multiple public tips on the deadly school shooter in Parkland Florida did what they do best. They dismissed her by actually saying they didn’t need her help or information in this matter. The FBI agent in the Tampa field office would not take any evidence from the woman or even her contact information. That was four months ago.

Now the popular music festival which has always attracted over 30 thousand people to Plant City Florida over its eleven-day run is only days away.

As you clearly see in the picture above the Twitter account status mentioned the Strawberry Festival Parade which is scheduled for March 5 which takes place in the middle of the eleven-day event.

Why would someone in Arabic announce they would be at the Strawberry Festival Parade in Plant City Florida on December 2, 2017, when the event wasn’t until March? Four months away. And why is this the only post this account ever posted? Wouldn’t a regular festival attendee simply announce they were going to the festival and not declare “I’m at the Strawberry festival” four months before the event was scheduled to take place?

Whatever this lets all hope and pray the failure in Parkland wakes up the FBI and they investigate this. Chances are it probably doesn’t mean anything, but you can never be too sure, especially in this day and age.

Please share in hopes the FBI wakes up and investigates this before it’s too late….

Via True Pundit:

In Arabic nonetheless?

Even the incompetent FBI could flag this Twitter account as suspicious. If the Bureau actually cared, that is.

“That guy (Twitter account) appears very sketchy, so are his followers, my radar went off as soon as I saw his Tweet,” Wolcott remembered.

Wolcott contacted the Tampa Police Department. They forwarded her to the FBI.

Wolcott contacted the Plant City Police Department. They forwarded her to the FBI.

Wolcott contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. They forwarded her to the FBI.

Wolcott contacted Corporal Larry McKinnon of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office in Florida via Twitter. She received no response.

Then later that day, on Dec. 7, armed with referrals from the various law enforcement agencies, Wolcott contacted the FBI to forward the material to be analyzed by anti-terrorism experts.

She caught an FBI agent at the Bureau’s Tampa office and explained what she had found while searching for tickets to the festival. To her dismay, she was informed the FBI did not care.

“The agent would not allow me to send him the Tweet, nor would he take the account name to take a look at the Tweet,” Wolcott said.”He simply said, ‘There is nothing we can do, no crime has been committed.’

“I pushed to give him the Tweet and was told, no thanks,” she said. “I was shocked and pissed at his condescending attitude and lack of professionalism.”

Bewildered by he FBI agent’s behavior, Wolcott filed a report on the FBI’s web site detailing the potential threat and includied a copy of the disturbing Tweet, the same day. She has received no follow up from the FBI, she said.

Wolcott’s story is apparently not an isolated tale of citizens who try to forward active intelligence to the FBI. In all fairness the Tweet Wolcott uncovered perhaps has nothing to do with a terror plot to sabotage the festival. But how would the FBI know if they refused to look at her intelligence? Any seasoned law enforcement veteran would raise red flags after examining the circumstances behind the Arabic Tweet. It certainly merits investigating.

The bigger story here is the FBI never even cared to look. Just like last week’s deadly school shooting in Florida, where the FBI ignored two public complaints saying the suspect planned to shoot up a school and kill students. Armed with that intelligence, the FBI did nothing.

In Wolcott’s case, the FBI dismissed her like a teen punished without dinner and sent to her room.

Why in the hell are we funding the FBI’s $3.5 billion budget? The FBI has a thousand agents in South Florida alone, and over 13,000 in the United States. Not one agent could get even pick up the phone and get details from Twitter on this account?

No, wait. These lazy self-important yet incompetent law enforcement agents couldn’t even write down information from a tipster? Would the FBI actually need to be reminded of the deadly country music concert in Las Vegas that was the scene of the Mandalay Bay massacre just months ago that killed 57 people?

in Wolcott’s case the FBI didn’t even want the opportunity to ignore the intelligence. They simply didn’t want to know about the potential threat at all. This is a new, more disturbing level of malfeasance.

“I guess they really don’t want you to say something, if you see something,” Wolcott concluded.

Not unless you have bogus Russian intelligence about Donald Trump.


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