rooked Hillary And Her Campaign Take Shellacking On Live TV After Reporter Exposes Major Cover-Up

After more than a year of the Trump Administration, it seems the mainstream media is still in a quandary about what cost Hillary the 2016 election. It’s 2018, but instead of focusing on the big issues of the day and problems that could actually make our lives better if we solved them, we’re still asking “what happened with Hillary.”

Usually, the softball approach by the media makes it easy for anyone on the DNC’s back pocket to sail through these types of questions, towing the party line and planting doubt about President Trump. This time though, CBS’s Nancy Cordes might have accidentally stumbled into a little real journalism with her question for former Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta.

Cordes was, of course, focusing on the Russia angle in the light of the recent Muller indictments.  Her question for Podesta was, basically, if you’re so sure it was the Russians, how did they know how to do your job better than you know how to do your job? Why did they have their finger on the pulse of what the nation needed, and you didn’t? The Daily Caller reports on Podesta’s sit down with CBS, and you can see for yourself just what he had to say about the new and improved Russia story:

“Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta had a brutal exchange on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday when asked about the campaign’s failure to focus on so-called “purple states” in 2016.

Host Nancy Cordes noted that an indictment handed down by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday showed that Russian operatives who meddled in the election appeared to realize the importance of focusing on those battleground contests.

‘How is it that these Russian operatives knew to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin and your campaign didn’t?’ Nancy Cordes, the host of ‘Face the Nation,’ asked Podesta.

‘Of course, we spent a lot of time and energy and effort in all those states,’ Podesta insisted.

‘Hillary Clinton did not spend much time,’ Cordes interjected.

‘We had [Vice Presidential nominee] Tim Kaine was there, Barack Obama, and she spent enormous time in Pennsylvania and Michigan,’ said Podesta.

‘We spent a lot of effort, we had staff in Wisconsin that even President Obama had in 2012.’

Clinton and her campaign have been heavily criticized for failing to campaign heavily in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which the former secretary of state lost in a surprise upset to Trump.

Clinton did not visit Wisconsin at all during the campaign. By contrast, Trump visited the state five times during the last three months of the campaign.

Clinton has attributed her loss to Russian active measures, which included purchasing social media ads and leaking hacked emails. She has also blamed former FBI Director James Comey for re-opening the investigation into her email server just days before the election.”

It seems that everyone is to blame for Hillary’s loss, except for Hillary. Sadly for her, she’s no longer going to be able to blame President Trump for the Russia collusion. The information found by the Muller investigative team prove, despite their best efforts, that any contact the Russians had with the Trump campaign was completely unknown by the Trump campaign:

“A federal grand jury issued indictments Friday for 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies suspected of interfering in the 2016 election, the special counsel’s office announced.

According to the indictment, signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Russian nationals began conspiring as early as 2014 to interfere ‘with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.’

Part of the scheme involved defendants posing as Americans and communicating “with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign and with other political activists to seek to coordinate political activities.”

In a press briefing held shortly after the indictment was announced, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that there was no allegation in the indictment that “any American” — including members of the Trump campaign — “was a knowing participant in the alleged unlawful activity.”

Rosenstein also said that “there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

The operation advanced in several stages over the two-plus years leading up to the election. The indictment suggests that many of the efforts were aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton’s election chances by boosting her opponents, including Donald Trump, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

In April 2016, the Russians began paying for political advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. By June 2016, they began organizing political rallies, largely aimed at supporting Trump and criticizing Clinton.

There is little evidence that the social media scheme altered the outcome of the election, as Democrats have claimed. Trump has asserted that Russian interference had no effect[sic] on the election results.”

Even Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, told her campaign to reach out to voters other than the Dem base, but they wouldn’t listen to him.

In April of 2017 ABC News reported:

“Former President Bill Clinton’s warnings to speak to swing voters fell on deaf ears during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to the authors of “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” a new book about purported dysfunction in the campaign team.

In the book, the authors describe how the campaign ignored the advice of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, to reach out to communities that weren’t already on board with Hillary Clinton’s policies.

“He thought, these eggheads don’t really know politics. They don’t understand persuasion,” Allen said, adding that Bill Clinton wanted to go to suburban and rural areas where it was likely that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t win the majority. “He knew there was some power just in showing up.“”

Imagine that, it looks like America voted for President Trump because they wanted him. It’s more than a little ironic that the very investigation that the Democrats pushed so hard for has done nothing but uncover corruption in their party, and point out Hillary’s failings. No great tragedy without some small gain, thankfully it’s Americans that are gaining now, finally.

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