Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Wipes Smirk Of Chuck Schumer’s Face With 7 Words

Sarah Sanders just held her daily press briefing and the jackals in the media were ready to pounce. They went after Sarah early and often and Sarah kept the wolves at bay. (Video Below)

She is good, even the liberals have to admit that. Well, the honest ones at least.

The first line of questioning was about executive privilege and what the White House lawyers told Steve Bannon he could speak to Hill leaders about.

In case you missed it, White Lawyers claimed, which is their absolute right, executive privilege and Steve Bannon agreed to not speak to Congress about certain topics.

Kind of boring and then MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson tried her best to trap Sarah and make her look bad.

And, of course, the real goal is to make the boss, Donald Trump bad.  That is, or it certainly seems, to be the main job of the media these days – do whatever they can to damage President Trump.

Chuck Schumer is behind the scenes whispering to the media pushing his radical agenda. To put it bluntly, Chuck is all in on a government shutdown.

Chuck is happy to grind the federal government to a halt if he can score some cheap political points at Trump’s expense.

He wants DACA, not because he really believes in it, no Chuck knows if he does not get it done the Democrats chances in 2018 go to zero.

Obama promised a solution and came up well short and so now President Trump has to clean up the mess.

Chuck thinks he is still dealing with Obama but he is not and Trump will not cave to Chuck’s petty politics.

Chuck thinks if he shuts down the government Trump will get the blame. That is Chuck’s entire strategy – get Trump in a corner and blame him for whatever happens.

Won’t work, as Sarah just brilliantly explained, in fact, it will backfire.

“I am not sure how it would the President wants a budget deal – the budget deal should not be tied to a political agenda the Democrats are pushing….What we would like to see happen is let’s strike a budget deal by Friday and come back to work and solve DACA and border security.

The number one priority is national security and fully funding our military and I would think the Democrats share this? We need Democrats to do their jobs.”


7 truer words have never been said, don’t you agree? get to work Chuck or shut the heck up.

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Good luck with your losing strategy Chuck.

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